Corporate Responsibilities

Corporate Responsibilities

We believe that business is not measured purely in financial terms. We also believe that the way we go about achieving our success is as important as success itself. We know the role of logistics within local communities is far-reaching - we understand that our use of human and natural resources in meeting our business needs impacts the people we work with, the communities we work in and the planet we inhabit.

While we’re committed to creating sustainable value for our shareholders, we’re also committed to expanding our business sustainably, with integrity and with respect for the communities we work in.

We take our Responsibilities seriously, whether it be towards our Customer, Employee, the Environment, or Social Welfare. Each of these aspects is driven by our Founder/ Chairman and strictly enforced by every Director/ Head in all operative locations.

DJS LOGISTICS believes it possible for companies to practice good social responsibility without compromising investor demands for profitability. In other words, having a good moral compass is not impossible in today's demanding global economy.

Our community and sponsorship programs form part of this commitment.

Our Community Programs

Our commitment to the communities in which we work is reflected in our support for a broad range of programs and initiatives.

Sponsorships & Donations

We provide support to the communities we work in through sponsorships and donations.

Environmental Sustainability

We’re committed to reducing the impact of our environmental footprint while continuing to deliver optimal logistics solutions for its customers.

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