Should I insure my cargo?

Yes, we always recommend that you take out cargo insurance. It is inexpensive and protects you from unforeseen hazards. We can insure your shipment or higher upon request. If you do not request insurance, each shipment is automatically insured for a maximum value. Note that you may only insure your shipment for your replacement cost, not the amount that you are selling it to your customer for. You may not request insurance after-the-fact on a shipment that has already been tendered to us and is in transit. See our Terms & Conditions page for complete insurance details.

How long will delivery take?

Transit time obviously varies with the mode of service you select. When you request your quote or place your order or customer service team will give you an estimate of the transit time. Service levels can range from very exact, date-specific delivery to low-cost common carrier trucking with a 2-3 day delivery window. Ask one of our team members for the specifics of your shipment.

What types of payment do you accept?

DJS Logistics accepts all major credit cards. In addition, you may choose to pay by bank wire. Pre-payment by company check may be possible, but must be arranged in advance. For new accounts, overseas shipments will usually require pre-payment in full before we can process your order. Looking to establish terms? Visit our Welcome Center and download a credit application. We can usually review and approve credit in 24 hours or less.

Are we required to use an DJS Logistics Bill of Lading (BOL)?

Yes, we ask that you complete one of our Bills of Lading for every shipment. A copy should be attached to your shipment and a scanned or faxed copy should be provided to us prior to the driver’s arrival. In those instances where your company policy requires that you use an internal Bill of lading, you should still complete one of ours as well.

How much will duties and taxes be on my shipment?

Duties and taxes on import shipments vary widely around the world from one country to another. Duty and tax amounts are also commodity specific and can range from duty free to 25% or more. Our customer service team can usually get an accurate estimate of charges by forwarding a copy of your Commercial Invoice to our overseas partners in advance of the shipment. Final charges, however, are always subject to classification and ruling by local customs officials at the time of entry, and cannot be guaranteed.

What is document legalization?

Legalization is the process of certifying a document so a foreign country’s legal system will recognize it, thus allowing freight to be imported into the country. It is still required by approximately 80 countries around the world, but it is slowly being replaced by the apostile process. The legalization process generally consists of the validation of a signature on a document by an official of the destination country’s government, typically an embassy official. This process can take 5-7 working days and should be prepared for in advance to avoid customs delays and fines. Our customer service team can guide you through the process, if necessary.

Is transit time guaranteed on LTL ground shipments?

It depends on the service level you request. We offer two types of LTL service: Expedited LTL (date-specific) and Common Carrier (not date-specific). We will always give you an estimated delivery date for Common Carrier service, but it can vary by 2-3 days based on weather, seasonal volume and other factors. Be sure to request Expedited LTL service for date-specific, mission-critical freight.

What doesn't the insurance cover?

Cargo damages, cargo shortfalls, performance liability claims and other types of liabilities are not covered.

Do I have to be sending consignments everyday to use On Logistics?

Ideally, yes. Our carriers like to schedule daily collections of 5 consignments per day and above from our customers’ premises. If however you are shipping the equivalent of 20 consignments a week, but over just three days for example, then we can also accommodate this.

How do I ship out my consignments with On Logistics?

Using the Royal Tech System’s - Software. Either a web based solution or stand alone software dependent upon volume and requirement.

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