Customer Satisfaction (Service based satisfaction):

Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is an important element for making a successful business. The customer interacts with a company through a number of channels and the level of service that is afforded the customer goes a long way to achieving customer satisfaction and in turn more orders for the company. Many companies think that their only contact with the customer is through the DJS Logistics staff, but this is no longer the case. The customer interacts through other departments such as shipping, quality control, accounts receivable or a repairs service. Each of these departments must offer the same high level of customer service in order to maintain excellent customer satisfaction. The customer will also interact with a company through its online presence, either a website where they can buy products, or check on shipping, or through social media. These instances also require that the customer receives the highest level of customer service.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important in an economy where the vendors have to do DJS Logistics hard to win new business and keep their existing customers. If a company fails to satisfy their existing clients there are many other vendors who would like the opportunity to win the business. Therefore a company has to ensure that in every aspect with their dealings with the customer, whether it is on at order time, delivery or just simple communication, they must guarantee that they understand the needs of the customer and how those needs can be met.


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