Our Services

Our Services are assured by their Quality, Safety, Efficiency and sustainable execution.


We ensure that all your packages reach their destination with our quick air freight services on budget and schedule.


Connect freight forwarders worldwide through the world’s best sea freight service to enhance your business.

Project cargo Handling

We handle a wide range of special cargoes, specializing in individually tailored solutions and one-on-one service.

Customs Clearance

DJS logistics help your goods clear quickly and efficiently with an automated customs clearance network by our experts in the customs department.


Streaming transport lanes between multiple origins and destinations to tackle your most complex transportation and distribution challenges.

ICD operations

Right from processing advance storing orders of containers received from shipping lines to accepting or rejecting the containers based on the storage criteria, it does it all.

Bulk Shipments

Using a highly experienced and professional workforce, we deliver mass and bulk parcels to all locations in the world.

Inland Trucking

We can now integrate your entire supply chain from end-to-end by Inland delivery service with our end-to-end service for the resources you require

Warehousing & Distribution

Provide warehouses where you want them, customized for design, layout, loading, and unloading, storage.

DJS Logistics Cargo Handling Experience, combined with freight forwarding capability and a professional overseas network provide a door-to-door service ensuring smooth safe and cost-effective logistics solutions for our clients.

Our Import and Export Cargo Experience Includes Containerized and Break Bulk of